Use HubSpot Meetings to sync with your calendar

Follow this guide to let solar prospects easily book in time in your calendar using HubSpot Meetings.

A quick overview - HubSpot Meetings connects to your Office 365 Calendar or Google Calendar and allows people to book appointments with you from a HubSpot hosted form. It takes care of all the syncing to ensure people can only book in when you have free slots in your calendar, and there’s options to add buffers and minimum notice periods (ie so people don’t book a meeting with you 2 mins from now just because you had nothing blocked in your calendar).

In my opinion the Meetings tool is really slick and one of the under appreciated features in the product. It’s been around for years, is mature, feature rich, and flexible in terms of embedding or sharing.

Plus, there’s a number of enhanced features for group and round robin meetings to be booked.

Worth mentioning you can create numerous ‘Meetings’ (or ‘Scheduling pages’ as HubSpot refers to them as) and embed them on different pages, or share in different emails. For example I have Meeting options set up for different brands, and different durations (eg 15 min, 30 min and 60 min).

When you first create a new meeting you have 3 options:

For this discussion I’m only going to cover setting up a one-to-one meeting.

First you set the basic meeting details:

Three quick items to highlight:

  • You can use personalisation tokens in the Title and Description
  • You can add video conferencing (eg Zoom or Google meet) and HubSpot takes care of all the details
  • You can set the Meeting type (eg Initial call, Qualification, Account Management etc) based on the Meeting types you set up in HubSpot settings

Next you can set your basic availability:

These availability windows will form a venn diagram with your own calendar and will only be shown as available on the HubSpot form if you are BOTH free on your own calendar AND it’s within the availability window settings.

You can also choose to show a confirmation message, or redirect to a separate confirmation page (my usual preferred option):

Next however is the most important feature that is often missed - expand the ‘Additional settings’ section at the bottom so you can set buffer windows:

Above is how I set mine - I leave at least 2 hours notice before someone can book in with me - this is because I only check my email a few times through the day - I don’t want to find out I’ve missed an appointment simply because I didn’t check my email.

I also add a buffer time of 30 mins so that I don’t get caught finishing up one meeting and immediately going into another.

You can tweak these to your own liking.

Finally the notification settings:

I definitely send a confirmation email, and I also send a reminder the day before and 2 hours before. This can depend on how often people cancel on you at the last moment - I’ve had a few lately, so I prefer they cancel well in advance (I get it, priorities for people change, so I’m not annoyed about them cancelling, I just prefer them to do it well in advance).

Once the meeting is created you can head back to your list of Meetings and then get the link or embed code:

If you build your pages in HubSpot CMS you can easily embed a meeting form directly in the page.

Summary: a very powerful and useful feature - and we’ve only covered the One-to-one option (there’s also Group and Round Robin options for managing teams).