How to Connect Your Google or Outlook Calendar to Your HubSpot Account

Never miss a meeting by keeping your calendars organised.

Video process:


Written process:

Calendars can be connected to the HubSpot meetings tool. Before you connect your calendar, please take note of the following:

The inbox associated with the calendar you are connecting to HubSpot will automatically connect in your email integration settings. You can easily disable the inbox connection without disabling the calendar connection once your calendar is integrated. 

If you've connected your inbox as a shared inbox in the conversations tool, your calendar cannot be connected with the meetings tool. Only personal inboxes can be connected to the meetings tool.

Here's how you can connect your Calendar in HubSpot:

  1. Log in to your HubSpot account, and click the gear icon in the main navigation bar to go to Settings.

  2. Under Settings, click General.

  3. Click the Calendar tab.

  4. Click Connect your calendar.

  5. Select your calendar, turn on calendar sync then click Connect your calendar.

  6. Review the information in the dialogue box, then click Accept and connect to give HubSpot's meeting tool access to your calendar.

    1. You may be asked to log in or select which email you would like to connect to the calendar. 
    2. Click Allow. 
  7. Your calendar is now successfully connected!

Please note
: if you have enabled the Google Calendar or Office 365 Calendar sync with HubSpot, when you create a calendar event with a contact directly in Google Calendar or in Office 365 Calendar, the event will sync to the CRM as a meeting engagement.

With this calendar sync, meetings created directly on a contact record in the CRM will send actual calendar event invitations to the contact. Without your calendar connected, it will create a meeting engagement on the record with no calendar event invitation sent.

Necessary disclosure: HubSpot will have access to both your Google Calendar and any other calendar you access via Google in order to power the meetings tool, and allow you to associate events with contacts in the CRM. HubSpot will have the ability to create or change your calendars, and update individual calendar events.


See more information from HubSpot.