Connect a WhatsApp Channel to HubSpot Help Desk

Connecting WhatsApp to your HubSpot Help Desk allows you to streamline communications by managing WhatsApp messages directly from HubSpot

Note: you can only connect a WhatsApp business account to HubSpot Help Desk. 

Step-by-Step Setup Guide

  1. In your HubSpot account, navigate to Settings ⚙️ > Help Desk:
    HubSpot Help Desk menu  
  2. Connect a channel and choose WhatsApp
    Connect a new Help Desk channel in HubSpot
  3. A pop-up will appear - select the continue as [your name] button:
    HubSpot Help Desk Connection to your Facebook account

  4. Get started
  5. Select the Meta Business Account that you will connect to your WhatsApp Business Account with:
    Connect a META business account to HubSpot 

  6. Choose an existing WhatsApp Business Account if you already have one
  7. If you don't have one yet, you'll be prompted to create a new WhatsApp Business Account and a WhatsApp Business Profile:
    Create a new WhatsApp Business Account and a WhatsApp Business Profile
  8. Fill out required information for your WhatsApp Business Account:
    Fill out required information for your WhatsApp Business Account Name

  9. Enter your number and verify:
    Verify WhatsApp Business Profile
  10. Continue
    Manage your WhatsApp accounts
  11. Meta will verify your info
    Meta verifying your info
  12. Click Finish
  13. Once connected, you'll see your WhatsApp number under Help Desk channels

Connected HubSpot Help Desk channel

Create a View of Your WhatsApp channel

Want to easily filter and manage your WhatsApp conversations? Create a custom view in Help Desk to see only your WhatsApp messages.

  1. Navigate to Help Desk under the Workspaces menuAnd you can access it through Work Space menu
  2. Select Create view on the left panel
    Create Help Desk view
  3. Name your View and set access permissions
    Name your Help Desk view and set access permissions
  4. Choose Originating channel type
    Help Desk Originating channel type
  5. Choose WhatsApp from dropdown and create the view
    Help Desk WhatsApp View
  6. Select the new view you created.  If you have any WhatsApp messages, they'll now appear on the right:Help Desk WhatsApp view

Updating a WhatsApp account and adding new numbers

  1. To access your WhatsApp Accounts, login to your Meta Business Account, and navigate to Accounts > WhatsApp Accounts:
    Access your WhatsApp Accounts, login to your Meta Business Account
  2. If you'd like to add more numbers, or update your information, click on the WhatsApp number:
    Click the WhatsApp number

  3. Select WhatsApp Manager below these three dots:
    Click WhatsApp Manager

  4. Here you'll find all your linked phone numbers
  5. Add a new WhatsApp phone number by clicking the Add phone number button on the upper right:
    Add phone number by clicking this button on the upper right
  6. Update your WhatsApp Business Profile by clicking this ⚙️ icon:
    Update your  WhatsApp Business Profile by clicking this cog icon
  7. Here, you can update your profile information and other settings:
    WhatsApp Phone Number settings


How do I assign a WhatsApp channel to a Ticket Pipeline?

  • At the moment, you can't assign a WhatsApp channel to an actual Ticket Pipeline like you can with other channels
  • The WhatsApp channel will be assigned to a default ticket pipeline and status which is set from here:
    HubSpot Help Desk Ticket Defaults

Can I reply from Help Desk from the HubSpot phone app?

  • At the moment, Help Desk isn't available on mobile yet but you still can reply to Tickets same way you would on Desktop:
    Replying to ticket on mobileReplying to ticket on mobile