Creating a Suppression List in HubSpot

Create a suppression list that you can use to exclude contacts from Workflows and emails.

Creating lists

  1. Cleanse your contact list with Neverbounce and sync back contacts to HubSpot. Process: Cleanse your contact list emails with Neverbounce
  2. Create an active list of invalid contacts from NeverBounce using this filter
  3. Create a static list - you can name this 'GLOBAL | Suppression | Static'. There will be no filters used for this list because contacts should be added to it manually.
  4. Create an active list  - you can name this 'GLOBAL | Suppression | Active'. 
  5. Add the following filters to the active suppression list:

    Suppression list in HubSpot

Where to use the active GLOBAL Suppression list

  1. Workflows: add it to a contact-based Workflow that sends external marketing emails
    Suppressions in Workflows HubSpot
  2. Emails: when sending a Regular email, add this to the 'Don't send to' field
    Exclusions in HubSpot emails