Cleanse your contact list emails with Neverbounce

Verifying an email address with NeverBounce will accurately determine whether or not an email account is active and receiving mail.

Email verification ensures you are capturing and/or sending to email contacts that are valid and will not result in a bounce. 

Here's the process:

  1. Prepare your email list ahead in a spreadsheet or CSV file.
  1. Log in to Neverbounce ( Register if you have no existing account.
  2. Click "Add List"
  3. Upload your prepared list by clicking or dropping it in. neverbounce-upload-list
  4. Neverbounce will analyze the file and wait for the results. You might have to come back after a few hours.

  5. Once done, you can then Download the “cleansed” list and use it as your email marketing recipients. 
    AND at the same time, you can download the "Undeliverable" (inactive/invalid contacts) list and use them as a suppression/ exclusion list for your emails and workflows.

If you are using HubSpot as CRM, you can import the lists in the HubSpot database to use as your recipient list and/or suppression list. 

Better Tip! You can import the contact from HubSpot directly from Neverbounce.


  • Disconnect a HubSpot account if there's already one connected
  • Connect a HubSpot account
  • Select a list and click 'import list'