XEN's Updated Payment Terms

Upfront payment and pre-payment for all XEN services


Our payment terms have changed as of 01 June 2023

In this article we explain what has changed and why.

The summary of the changes:

  • We now require upfront payment before commencing work
  • We have a 4-hour On-Demand prepayment minimum

Why has this changed?

For the last 10+ years XEN has happily commenced providing services before receiving payment on invoices.

This has been the case for On-Demand work, Project work and Ongoing retainers.

We work in a high trust relationship with our clients, and payment has usually been prompt. 

Sadly, over the past few months we've seen a dramatic change in payment behaviour.

Clients have slowed payments, often delaying by months.

Additionally, many have implemented onerous payment policies requiring us to provide extensive vendor details and proof of account bank statements.

This has created additional work for our accounts department, as well as cashflow stress for the business.

In response, we've had to rapidly change our approach.

As of 01 June 2023 we switched to requiring up front payment for all services.

This includes:

  • On-Demand services requiring pre-payment of 4 hour blocks
  • Project services requiring payment of initial milestone payments
  • Retainer and Subscription services requiring payment 

before any work commences.

Why we have a 4-hour On-Demand minimum

Our On-Demand offering has been very popular with companies requiring rapid HubSpot Support.

However, many customers only require an hour or two each month.

The overhead of preparing tiny invoices each month, and then having to chase payment, isn't practical.

With this in mind, we've now instituted a 4 hour minimum prepayment.

Note: customers don't need to use all 4 hours in a month, they are free to use the 4 hours over a number of months. However, each time they consume the 4 hours, another 4 minimum is require to be prepaid before work continues. We also offer the ability to purchase larger blocks of hours (eg 10 hours).

Each week we keep you updated on the remaining hours you have left.