Why we recommend the HubSpot CRM Starter Suite for solar dealers

The HubSpot CRM Starter Suite has a great offer and we're encouraging all of our solar dealers to consider taking it up.

Here's why.

Click the image to watch a short 5-minute video explanation or read on below.



When you partner with XEN Solar, you are set up with a HubSpot account.

You get one of the following set up:

  • Free HubSpot Marketing Account
  • HubSpot Marketing Starter for $68/month.

The difference between these two HubSpot services comes down to the size of the dealer business, the number of contacts you have in your database and what solar package you take up with XEN Solar.

We set up marketing starter because it means you can control everything in one system:

  • fully track contacts  in regard to website pages viewed, which campaigns they came in from (Facebook or Google Ads for example) and track their visit of the site to see their behaviour
  • send email campaigns
  • implement forms and landing pages easily.

Keep this in mind, with HubSpot Marketing Starter you pay:

  • $68/month.
  • Additional contacts  are $67/month, every extra 1,000 contacts.*

Now - move that to the side for a minute and consider this HubSpot SRM Starter Suite offer.

Great Offer: Value For Money

Now, here's where the current HubSpot CRM Starter Suite is offering value for money.

You get the full CRM Suite for $67/month, and includes:

  • Marketing Hub Starter - 1,000 marketing contacts
    • Additional contacts are $15/month, every extra 1,000 contacts*
  • Sales Hub Starter -  2 paid users
  • Service Hub Starter - 2 paid users
  • Operations Hub Starter

* Compare these two costs!

So with the HubSpot CRM Starter Suite, you get Marketing Starter included PLUS all of these other services for LESS than just purchasing Marketing Starter.


Let's dive into the other services included in the HubSpot CRM Starter Suite.

Sales Hub Starter

  • Excellent for any dealer who wants to move into the sales space in HubSpot
  • Good introductory sales functionality and features

Service Hub Starter

  • Excellent for any dealer who wants to test conversational chatbots, service tickets, and create a knowledge base

CMS Hub Starter

  • Their version of WordPress
  • You can build an entire website in HubSpot
  • All integrates with forms and landing pages from the marketing hub 

Operations Hub Starter

  • Excellent for any dealer who needs to integrate other software
  • Think Zoho or MailChimp
  • Everything is sync'd seamlessly - whereas on Marketing Starter, for example, we need a third party to help with the integration

More Reasons To Take Up The Offer

  • It's really affordable and good value!
  • You get everything in one system.  Dashboards, attribution, sales, service - full view
  • You get to test out other HubSpot Hub tools to see if they can help grow your business
  • You buy now at this price of $807 annually, and this price gets locked in. Your yearly renewal price will continue at the same price.

BONUS: Training

  • XEN will give you further training on the additional service hubs throughout the course of the year if requested.