Use Google Search Console to see your top ranking pages and keywords

  1. Go to Google Search Console:
  2. In the top left select your website property
  3. Navigate to Performance
  4. Change your date range if needed (looking at the last 3 months generally gives you enough data to work with)

  5. Click EXPORT at the top right and export your preferred format (we use Google Sheets)
  6. This will export all GSC (Google Search Console) data including Queries, Pages, and other information about your search rankings. By default, the data is sorted by number of Impressions.
  7. In the Queries tab, you'll see the search queries that gave your website the most impressions over the 3 month period. You'll also see the number of clicks and the position you rank for that keyword.
    1. Anything between 1 and 10 is on the first page of Google search results
  8. In the Pages tab, you'll see the URLs that got the most impressions and clicks over the 3 month period. You'll also see what position you are in the search results.
    1. If you've got blog content in your top 10 pages make sure to review these and optimise them with CTAs. Take advantage of the content that is getting impressions/traffic from Google search
  9. There are also tabs for Countries, Devices, Search appearance, Dates and Filters.