Solving Hubspot ad tracking issues: invalid crop size

Learn what the 'invalid crop size' tracking error means, and how to solve it.

This error occurs if you selected Facebook's horizontal crop size option, 1.91:1, when you first created your ad and configured your ad's image. Due to a limitation in Facebook's API, HubSpot can't apply tracking to ads with this aspect ratio. You can fix this issue by cropping the image in an external image editor, or by choosing a different cropping option for the ad in your Facebook ad account:

  • In your Facebook Ads account, navigate to your Facebook Ads manager.
  • Locate the campaign of the ad with the tracking error, then click Edit.
  • Click the specific ad with the crop size error.
  • In the Ad creative section of the editor, click the Edit Image dropdown menu, then select Crop image.
  • In the dialog box, specify a new cropping option by selecting OriginalVertical, or Square.
  • Click Save.

Put simply, remove the horizontal crop size option from your ad.

Go back to your HubSpot Ads Report and refresh tracking on the error. It should remove the error.