Task and Task Queue Automation in HubSpot

Creating tasks and adding it to a task queue automatically

Create a Task Queue

  1. In your HubSpot account, Navigate to Sales > Tasks
  2. Click Manage Queues
    Manage Queues
  3. Create task queue
  4. Set the name and the access type as needed and save:

Create View for this Task Queue

After you create the task Queue, you need to create a View for it so you can start using it later

  1. On your list of Tasks, navigate to More filters
  2. Add the Queue that you just created as a filter
  3. Add other filters if appropriate (eg see screenshot above)
  4. Save this View
    Save View HubSpot
    Save View - Add name and share permissions

Create a Workflow that creates a deal

  1. Add a descriptive name to your Workflow
    Add a descriptive name to your Workflow
  2. Set your Workflow criteria to when you'd like the task to be created. eg: when a deal is created:
    Deal create date as enrolment criteria
  3. Enable re-enrolment if you'd like to create tasks whenever the criteria is met:
    Enable re-enrolment
  4. Add an action - under CRM, choose 'Create task'
    Create task
  5. Set the task name, task type and due date:
    Set the task name, task type and due date
  6. Associate the task to the record/s you prefer.
    In this screenshot below, you can only see company and contacts from the dropdown because this Workflow is a deal-based one which means the task is automatically created against the deal.
  7. Next, add it to a shared task Queue you created previously
    Add task to a shared task Queue HubSpot
  8. Set priority if appropriate and assignee
    Set priority if appropriate and assignee to task in Workflow
  9. Save Workflow action
    Save Workflow action changes
  10. Review and publish Workflow
    1. Important: almost always, never enrol existing records that meet the trigger criteria). You wouldn't want to have a bunch of tasks suddenly created and assigned to you and other users.