SMS Campaign Results from HubSpot

Thinking about starting SMS campaigns from HubSpot? Here are some examples of results we've had for our clients.

The main metric we look at for a successful SMS campaign is response rate. This is the percentage of people who responded to your SMS campaign.
The average response rate for SMS marketing is 45%. (Source: messagemedia, optinmonster)
Your results may vary. Response rate can depend on many factors, especially:
  • Is the audience cold or warm? i.e. have they heard from you recently or are you SMSing them out of the blue?
Here are some examples of SMS campaigns we have run for clients and their response rates.

SMS Campaigns for a Solar Installation Company in 2022:

  1. Empowering Homes Program Ending (SMS to interested contacts who haven't accepted their proposal yet): had a 30% response rate
  2. Maintenance Required (SMS to 1-year-old contacts who had a system installed and now require scheduled maintenance): had a 54% response rate
  3. Proposal Follow Up (contacts who have been stuck in Proposal Sent stage for a while, SMS to check and remind them about the proposal): had a 66% response rate
Some responses are negative i.e. no we don't want to proceed, some responses are positive and move the deal along the pipeline.
Even for the negative ones, it means you can move those Deals to closed lost and not have to spend more time following up to know if that contact wants to proceed or not.
This response rate just factors in SMS replies. Some contacts might call your business after receiving the SMS.