Set up a Landing Page

This is a general process for setting up a landing page, either in HubSpot or Landingi.

  1. Check the campaign brief
    Always check the campaign brief doc before starting on a landing page so that you can answer these questions:

    - what is the goal for this landing page?
    - who is the target audience?
    - what is the messaging?

    Here's an example of a campaign brief:

  2. Prepare landing page mock-up in a Google doc
    Note: there may be instances where a google doc mock-up may not be needed. i.e. if the client has provided the messaging and you have a HubSpot landing page you can clone and update the content. This would be quicker to do so use your best judgment.
    1. Make sure you follow the layout of an existing landing page to make the implementation as easy and as quick as possible
    2. Example: mockup:
    3. Liaise with your graphic designer if an image is needed for the landing page
  3. Get this approved/quality checked by the relevant person
  4. Once approved, start preparing in HubSpot or Landingi
    1. HubSpot tutorial:
    2. Landingi tutorial:

Bonus: Landing Page best practices checklist

    1. Preview Devices: Have I previewed on mobile/tablet to look for any obvious issues?
    2. Readability: Have I previewed the pages and identified any elements or text that are hard to read?
    3. Links: Have I double-checked that all links/buttons on the page go where they should?
    4. Open in New Tab: If I do have links taking people away from the landing page, have I made these open in a new tab? (so that people still have the LP open, and we don't accidentally send them away)
    5. Form: Have I tested the form to check for any problems?
    6. Redirect to Thank You Page: Does the form redirect to the correct thank you page?
    7. Form Notifications: Have I set the form to notify the correct people?
    8. Page Title: Have I set a descriptive page title within character limits?
    9. Meta Description: Have I set a description meta description with a CTA at the end, and within character limits?
    10. Logo: Is the logo linked to the homepage?
    11. Images: Are the images following our best practices?
      1. file sizes are 300KB or less
      2. file naming conventions:
        • No spaces
        • Use dash (-) instead of space
        • Use lowercase only
        • Should be descriptive but not long
        • Example: solar-panel-installation-sydney
      • Uploaded to a relevant folder if uploaded to HubSpot (as opposed to just uploading it in the root folder)
      • Have alt tags
        • An alt tag should be a short description of what the image is
        • Include keyword+target area if possible
          eg: Solar Panel Install in Sydney
        • Copy the alt tag to the title tag