Setting Up a Sitemap Using Flowmapp

Setting up a sitemap for a new website design using Flowmapp

  1. Login to Flowmapp and navigate to Projects
  2. Depending on your plan, you may have to archive old Projects to make room for a new one
    Archive Project in Flowmapp
    Archive Project Flowmapp
  3. Create Project
    Create Project in Flowmapp
  4. Name the project and add a description. No need to share the project with anyone yet until it's finalised and quality checked
    Create Sitemap in Flowmapp
  5. Click the plus icon to create a sitemap
    New Sitemap
  6. Choose 'Start from blank' (or use an XML sitemap if you already have one, or choose from a template)
    Start from blank
  7. Add the homepage
    Homepage Flowmapp
  8.  Hover over the homepage and click the plus icon to add other top-level/parent pages
    Homepage Subpage
  9. Add these items:
    1. description
    2. link (if there's an existing page)
    3. attachment if needed
      Homepage Flowmapp Description
  10. Add subpages below the top-level pages:
    new subpage

    Subpages Flowmapp
  11. Once you're happy with the sitemap, you can either download it or share it with other people
    Share Flowmapp