Set up a primary domain in HubSpot

How to set up a primary domain in your HubSpot account for website pages, landing pages and blogs.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Website > Domains & URLs
  2. Make sure you have a brand domain set up, or set up a brand domain
  3. Click Connect a Domain
  4. Choose your brand domain
  5. Give your HubSpot domain a subdomain name
    1. e.g. or
  6. Set up your top-level domain
    1. check if you are using .com or, etc and update this
  7. Set-up DNS records by
    1. either sending the DNS records to your IT team 
    2. or give XEN access to your domain name provider
  8. Apply this to all types of pages: Website Pages, Landing Pages, Blogs, Email Web Versions.