Sending An Automated Email in MailerLite Using HubSpot and Zapier Integration

Process for sending an automated email in MailerLite whenever there's a new contact in a HubSpot list. This is only applicable to HubSpot portals that don't have access to HubSpot workflows.

  1. Create an active list in HubSpot for new leads that you'd like to receive an automated email. This is usually based on new form submissions.
  2. Login to MailerLite (
  3. Navigate to Subscribers>Groups
    MailerLite Groups
  4. Create a group - make the group name short but descriptive.
    eg XEN Solar | Newsletter


  1. Sign up for a Zapier account if you don't have one yet:
  2. Navigate to Zaps>Create Zap
  3. Use HubSpot as the App Event:
    Zapier HubSpot  Trigger
  4. Choose New Contact in List under Trigger Event Zapier HubSpot  Trigger
  5. Continue>Choose a HubSpot account or connect one if you haven't yet
    Zapier HubSpot  Trigger
  6. Next, choose the HubSpot active list you created (from step 1) as your trigger:
    Zapier HubSpot  Trigger
  7. Click continue and test the trigger. Note, if your list doesn't have any contacts yet, the test may return an error but that won't be an issue. You can just skip testing if this is the case.
  8. Click next and choose MailerLite as the app event.
    Zapier HubSpot  Trigger
  9. Under action event, choose Create/Update Subscriber
    Zapier HubSpot  Trigger
  10. Choose your MailerLite account from the dropdown or connect it to Zapier if you haven't yet:
    MailerLite Zapier
  11. Next, select the MailerLite Group you created from step 4
    MailerLite Zapier Connection
  12. Then map out at least the first name and email address properties:
    MailerLite Zapier Connection
  13. Click Continue>Test & Review
    MailerLite Zapier Connection
  14. If everything looks good, turn the Zap on.
  15. Next, make sure your Zap works and you receive the MailerLite email by filling out your form.