Running an SMS campaign

How to set up and run the the SMS campaign

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Who should run the SMS Campaign?

  • Solar Installers who want to automate follow ups or campaigns via SMS messaging
  • Solar Installers who have used email, organic and paid marketing before but have not tested SMS with their database

Key Campaign Components & Development Time:

  • HubSpot Portal access (1 hour)
  • MessageMedia subscription through XEN (1 hour)
  • SMS workflow (6 hours)
  • HubSpot Lists (1 hour)
  • HubSpot Reporting (2 hours)

Example Messaging:

  • Hi <<firstname>>, <<dealer name>> here. Are you interested in going solar this year? Feel free to give me a call or text and I’d be happy to answer any questions or provide a free quote.
  • Hi <<firstname>>. At <<dealer name>> we currently have some amazing specials on solar and battery packages. If you were interested in going solar, now is a great time.
  • Also good for following up deals in the pipeline that have not progressed


Expected lead types:

  • Middle of funnel leads
    • In dealer’s database
    • Phone number given in a form submission
    • Possibly already has a deal open but hasn’t progressed
    • Needs reassurance and trust
    • Needs multiple touch points to progress down the funnel