Running an off grid solar campaign for your solar dealership

How to set up and run an off grid solar campaign for your solar dealership

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Who should run the Off Grid Solar Campaign?

  • Solar Installers who offer Off Grid services
  • Solar Installers in rural areas
  • Solar Installers in areas where grid connection is prone to outages

Key Campaign Components & Development Time:

  • Landing Page (6 hours)
  • Thank You Page (2 hours)
  • Off Grid Solar Guide / blog content that can be turned into eBook (8 hours for new content / 3 hours for existing content)
  • Facebook and Google Ads creative (3 hours)
  • Email Nurture (5 hours)

Total 24 hours new content / 19 hours existing content

Example Messaging:

  • Guide to Off-Grid Solar
  • A guide to off grid solar power systems
  • Interested in installing off grid solar?

Expected lead types:

  • Middle of funnel leads
    • Aware of solar as a solution
    • Researched enough that they know off grid might be an option/the option for them
    • Want to learn more about Off Grid
    • May require nurturing to move down the funnel

Development time:

3-4 weeks to market. Longer if no off grid content is available and it needs to be created from scratch.