Running an energy efficient homes campaign

How to set up and run the energy efficient homes campaign

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Solar Installers who offer a full suite of solar/electricity solutions (solar, hot water, pool heating, air con, etc)

Key Campaign Components & Development Time:

  • Landing Page (4 hours)
  • Thank You Page (2 hours)
  • Energy Efficient Homes blog post (4 hours)
  • Facebook and Google Ads creative (3 hours)
  • Email Nurture (10 hours)

Example Messaging:

  • Go 100% Energy Efficient with <<insert Business Name here>>
  • Get your Energy Efficient Home
  • Become Energy Efficient with <<insert Business Name here>>


Expected lead types:

  • Middle of funnel leads
    • Aware of solar as a solution
    • Might be interested in more options than just solar
  • Bottom of funnel leads
    • Researched
    • Known they need a full suite of solutions
    • Looking for the right partner to engage with