Running a solar digital marketing campaign

The key items that make a successful digital marketing campaign for solar dealers and installers

Before we get into the details, let's first clarify what we mean by the term 'campaign'.

After all, if you've used Google Ads of Facebook Ads you'll be familiar with their campaigns.

What is a campaign?

When designing and implementing a solar digital marketing campaign we are referring to all the items, start to finish, including:

  • Ideas for an offer
  • Preparing the offer (eg a promotion, an ebook, a specific message in the market, etc)
  • Preparing the graphic design elements (images, banners, covers, page details)
  • Preparing the landing page and thank you page on your site
  • Preparing promotional activities including:
    • Google Ads
    • Facebook and Instagram Ads
    • Emails
  • Preparing the tracking codes to use in URLs
  • Preparing the reports to track the results
  • Setting budgets
  • Launching the campaigns
  • Preparing an ROI analysis (at the end, or monthly)

You'll sometimes hear us refer to campaigns as 'playbooks' as well - this is another term for the overall campaign pieces.

Examples of campaigns

Here's a few examples of campaigns we typically run for solar dealers:

  • ebooks
  • brochures
  • education and information
  • engagement (eg on social channels)
  • SMS follow up 
  • customer surveys
  • customer referrals
  • special offers (eg seasonal)
  • special offers (eg old product run-outs)
  • new product launches
  • accreditation and award achievements
  • case studies
  • customer testimonials

These campaigns can be run stand-along and/or as part of a sequence of campaigns (eg retargeting engagement prospects with an ebook offer).