Publishing monthly blog posts on your solar website


There are a couple of options for preparing blog post content for your solar website:

  • Getting an in-house writer to prepare content
  • Getting someone on your team who is a good writer to develop the content
  • Getting your agency to handle it for you!

At XEN Solar we have writers who prepare monthly blog post content for our solar dealers.

If you are new to blog posting, we recommend starting by posting introductory/educational topics for the first 6 months.

The topics we like to use at the start include:

  • Questions to Ask Before Buying Solar Panels
  • How Long Does It Take Solar Panels To Be Carbon Positive?
  • Why You Should Pay More for Quality Solar Panels
  • Our Top 10 FAQs About Solar Panels - Buying A Solar System
  • Our Top 10 FAQs About Solar Panels - Solar for Beginners
  • Our Top 10 FAQs About Solar Panels - Beware of Cheap Solar Systems

From there, you can prepare content based on anything on trend for your business.


How often should you post on your blog?

The question of frequency is important. In an ideal world you'd have so much content you'd be able to post daily.

However - for most solar companies - the best of intentions rarely match the real world, and being able to post daily is a real struggle.

With that in mind, we usually recommend aiming for 1 blog post per month

Scheduling your Blog Posts

We recommend preparing a monthly schedule of content in advance and then using your CMS (content management system) to schedule/publish 1 blog post each month.