Provide access to your HubSpot Portal

Here's how to add XEN to your HubSpot Portal

The permissions we need depend on whether we are doing a full onboard for your portal, versus a review and optimisation piece (see below).

Please add permissions for your XEN account manager.

[i] Virtual CRM Manager

Usually, when providing support via our HubSpot Virtual CRM Manager service, our key team require Super Admin privileges in your portal.

We will then create Permission Sets and Teams as required for others on our team.

Please provide Super Admin access to the following emails (copy these emails and you can paste them into HubSpot:,,


[ii] HubSpot Portal Setup and Onboarding Permissions

If we are setting up your Portal as part of HubSpot Ignition onboarding, you will need to give us Super Admin privileges:


[iii] HubSpot Attribution

If we are reviewing attribution and implementing best practices in your HubSpot portal as part of an on-demand service, you will need to give us Super Admin privileges:


[iv] HubSpot Portal Review and Optimisation Permissions

If your portal is already setup and we are doing an audit, training or optimisation for you, then the following permissions are requested:


HubSpot Contact Permissions


For HubSpot Marketing we basically need access to everything


For Deals we usually view everything, however if you have particularly sensitive deals that you don’t want us to see, you can change our Access to Owned Only:


This means we can still create/edit test Deals in order to optimise your processes, but can’t see any of your existing deals

Sales Permissions

Basically everything in Service

HubSpot Permissions Service

We don’t usually need this, however, if we are working on your HubDb tables we will need the following: