Provide access to any other accounts

Be mindful of security when giving us access to any other accounts

Use this process if you need to share login details with us for an account where you can't create a separate user for XEN.

This is common for accounts/platforms such as:

  • Instagram
  • Zapier
  • MailChimp
  • Domain name registrar account

If you can't create a separate user for XEN or add XEN to your account, and need to share your own login details:

  1. Send us the login URL and username in an email
    1. Send this to your main contact
  2. Send us the password via text
    1. Your main XEN contact will confirm the number to text
    2. When you send the text, DO NOT include any other information - just the password
    3. If you get a text reply asking for the username - DO NOT send the username - you already sent it to us via email

We recommend this approach so your login details are never in one place that could potentially be used to hack your account.

What happens to the username and password once XEN have them?

We store all passwords in a Password Manager.

We never have copies of your login details. 

Our Password Manager has tiers of permissions, so only relevant people can access your login details.

We recommend our clients also use a Password Manager.

Some popular options include 1Password and Bitwarden.