Promoting your CEC accreditation

This is a list of practices on how to promote your CEC accreditation

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What are CEC accreditations?

The Clean Energy Council, otherwise known as the CEC, is the peak regulatory body for the clean energy industry in Australia. They are a not-for-profit, membership-based organisation who represent and works with Australian renewable energy and energy storage businesses, as well as rooftop solar installers, to further the development of clean energy in Australia.

The CEC membership, Accredited Installer, and Approved Retailer titles are often used by solar retailers and installers as proof of legitimacy, but what are the differences?

  • CEC Member

Clean Energy Council membership is open to any organisation and there are varying levels of membership each with an associated annual fee. This allows a solar installer to be part of the conversations that will drive Australia’s renewable energy future.

You can read more about CEC Membership here.

  • CEC Accredited Installer

CEC accreditation for designers and installers is a qualification that demonstrates competence in design and/or installation of solar PV systems and is only available to individual solar PV system designers and installers, not organisations.

To gain this accreditation, individuals must go through an accreditation process with the CEC which includes specific training units.

 You can read more about CEC Accreditation here.

  • CEC Approved Retailer

The Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct is a voluntary scheme for solar retailers, enabling them to show their commitment to responsible sales and marketing activities and solar industry best practice. Customers who purchase from a CEC Approved Retailer gain peace of mind knowing that the company adheres to good practices.

You can read more about the CEC Solar Retailer Code of Conduct here.

There are a couple of options for promoting your CEC accreditation:

1. Website promotion

Your website has the capability of generating organic traffic in addition to being a place to send traffic from advertising and other marketing initiatives. Promote your CEC accreditation by placing it on the footer of your website, or including it in your About Us section.

2. Digital and printed documents

Include the CEC accreditation logo in your digital and printed documents. This includes the following:

  • Business cards
  • Letterheads
  • Brochures
  • Quoting and Invoice documents
  • Presentations


3. Mention your CEC accreditation on blogs

Blogging is a great way to generate organic traffic, particularly for those prospects who have not reached a purchasing decision yet. Increase the trust of your possible clients by telling them about your CEC accreditations and how this sets you apart from your competitors.

4. Organic social posts and social media paid ads

Most of the major social media platforms offer affordable advertising options that can help you target your posts to a specific audience. Include your CEC Accreditation logo in your captions or in your graphic images.

5. Email marketing

Email marketing is a critical part of your marketing. This strategy is an easy and scalable way to communicate with both new and existing customers.

Use your email marketing tool in place and include your CEC Accreditation logo in the following:

  • Monthly newsletters
  • Campaigns
  • Announcements
  • Email signature

You may even consider using marketing automation to make this process even easier for yourself!