Prepare a Content Voice doc for your solar business

How to prepare a doc outlining the tone of voice and 'personality' you use for your solar company

Getting your solar company's 'voice' consistent is important for your digital marketing activities - it ensures that your perception in the market is clear and distinct.

Typically you'll be sharing content on a variety of channels including:

  • social updates
  • website pages
  • blog posts
  • brochures
  • advertising banners

as well as on your premises and perhaps even other channels such as:

  • radio
  • TV
  • bus shelters
  • letterbox drops

Preparing your Content Voice

First step is to have a simple doc to collect key 'voice' examples.

You can use our Content Voice example doc as a starting point, or create your own from scratch.



Start by listing out your main audiences and their attributes. For example you might be focussed on retirees, and then list out their attributes such as:

  • looking to save money on bills
  • looking for a credible installer they can trust
  • want someone they can easily call for support
  • looking for reliability
  • not interested in flashy sales gimmicks 
  • prefer to call on the phone than use zoom

Fill these out for each of your main audiences.

Acceptable Content

Next is to note examples of acceptable content including:

  • brands (which brands to mention and which to avoid)
  • topics (eg avoid or amplify political issues, offer commentary on Government subsidies or not, etc)
  • the types of installs and projects to share (and any to keep private)
  • testimonials 
  • case studies (what to highlight and promote)


Add examples of good content and (if you have any) examples of content that isn't ideal.

Especially with growing solar companies, or working with new agencies it can be easy to get mixed messaging in the market.

By having a simple Content Voice doc you can keep everyone on the same, ensuring a consistent perception in the market.

How To Start

Preparing your Content Voice doc usually takes less than an hour.

Get your key people in a quick meeting (or zoom call) and chat through the items on the doc.

You may be surprised what you hear - especially if there has been some less than successful content shared in the past.