Prepare a graphic design brief

In this process we'll go through the key information you should provide in a brief to your graphic designer.

This applies to ad creative for campaigns, email banners, anything you need from a graphic designer for your business.

  1. If you have a Campaign Brief Doc, share this with your graphic designer. The campaign brief doc contains context, landing page links, etc which is good for the graphic designer to know.
  2. Outcome: the ideal outcome you are hoping to achieve with the graphic design
  3. Style Guide: if you have a style guide share this with your graphic designer
  4. Dimension/Format: your graphic designer will need to know in what format or dimensions you need the design. i.e. images for Facebook Ads require a different size than ads for Google Ads. See key dimensions for different channels at the end of this article.
  5. Messaging: this should be outlined in the Campaign Brief Doc, but if not, share messaging ideas with your graphic designer
  6. CTA: if your creative needs to feature a CTA (call to action), share this with your graphic designer i.e. Learn More vs Download Now
  7. Variations: we usually test a few variations of ad creative. If you need variations let your graphic designer know how many, and what should be different across the variations. See Variations at the end of this article.





When designing creative for ads, we recommend testing variations.

  • Facebook Ads: test at least 6 variations
  • LinkedIn Ads: test at least 4 variations
  • Google Ads: test at least 2 variations