Organise planning meetings

A quick process to organise an internal planning meeting with your team

  1. Check your team's shared Google Calendars for a time that works for everyone. Depending on what you need to discuss with the team you might schedule the meeting for 30 minutes or 1 hour.
    1. For the XEN Solar team:
      1. calendar events marked with '1' are high priority and can't be moved - don't schedule something at this time
      2. calendar events marked with '2' are not high priority and can be moved - if this time works for a majority of the attendees, you can schedule something at this time
  2. In the event invite, include a link to the task to log time against and a link to the meeting notes.
  3. When adding the Meeting name, make sure to include the client name and the word 'Internal' so the attendees know it's an internal meeting.
  4. If it's a high priority internal meeting, add '1' at the start. If it's not high priority, add a '2' at the start.
  5. Invite your guests!