Object Associations on Activity Items in HubSpot

Process for removing object associations on activity items in HubSpot


Here is a handy feature around associated objects on activity items. Activity items include Notes, Emails, Calls, tasks, and Meetings. 

  • When contact is associated with multiple objects, that is a bit of a mess. 
    For example, this note is for Deal 1, but it is also associated with Deal 2. When we go to Deal 2, the note appears there as well. 

  • To clean this up, we can remove the association.
    • This can be done by taking off the Deal 2 association from the note.
    • So when we refresh the note it will disappear from Deal 2 as we removed that association. 
    • If we need to add the association back, we can open the associations again, go to Deals, and add Deal 2. 

This is a great way to keep your portal and activity organised and meaningful.