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Manage contact duplicates in HubSpot and how to merge them

Duplicate data may lead to inefficiency as your team may pull lists that includes the same contact twice. These are the steps to manage duplicates in you HubSpot portal:

  1. In the Contacts tab, click Actions>Manage Duplicates
  2. This will bring you to a window of lists of duplicate records. You can Review or Reject it accordingly

  3. When you select Review, a dialogue box opens where you can compare the record details as shown.

    Based on the data, you can decide to Merge if not select cancel and Reject.
  4. Here are the types of duplicates and what possible action you can do:
    [1] Typos in email
    eg typos in emails gnail.com yaho.com
    Action: Definitely merge these into the correct version
    [2] Updated email
    Personal emails on hotmail and gmail
    Action: Probably merge these into the one with most recent activity
    [3] Personal and business emails
    Two different contact records for the same person, one with their personal email, the other with business email
    Action: They should not be merged...There's good reasons not to:
    • multiple touchpoints (they can decide their preferences)
    • personal continues (if they leave the business)
    • ad audiences