Key recommendations to LG Dealers

In light of LG's recent announcement on closing their LG solar panel business, below are our recommendations on the next steps

LG Leaving the solar market

  1. Turn off any LG related ads in FB
  2. Turn off and/or update LG Google ads campaigns
    1. There is an opportunity to still use LG terms, but it must be made sure to redirect it to relevant and current pages
    2. Update Ad Extensions
    3. Review ad messaging on ALL Google Ads and remove any mentions of LG
  3. Review any content related to LG Guides (i.e. LG Considering Solar Guide Part I and II, LG Commercial Guide, LG Why Solar Will Save You) 
  4. Review content of email nurtures and remove/update any LG-related verbiage
  5. Hide LG related content from the website
    1. LG Guides
    2. Update ad banners as required
    3. Hide LG-related pages including /lg-solar pages created from the LG plugin
    4. Review form fields for any reference to LG
    5. Remove LG Authorised Parter/Installer logos
    6. Update content on pages and remove any mention of LG and promote other brands
    7. check in HubSpot for any enabled Pop-Up form showing LG related content
  6. Review scheduled social posts, and remove those mentioning LG
  7. Review Google My Business images for any images and reference to LG
  8. Review 'About' info on social media page accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, etc) and remove mention of LG