Merging Contacts in HubSpot Process

Best Practice for Merging Contacts in HubSpot


Warning: It is not possible to unmerge records. This action can’t be undone

If you are not sure if you should merge your contacts or not, check Best Practice for Merging Contacts in HubSpot

Identify Duplicate Contacts

  • In your Contacts, click Actions > Manage Duplicates 
  • You will see a list of all contacts that are potential duplicates

Manage Duplicates 

Manage Duplicates 2

  • Click on review


  • Do not merge them right away. Check the contacts first. Click through to them.

Review and Merge Duplicate Records

  • Aside from merging potential duplicates, you can also merge a contact directly. If you want to merge a contact with another manually, go to the contact you want merged with another and click Actions > Merge 

Another way to merge contacts

  • You can choose which contact you want to merge it with by typing in the name or email address


Review Contact Properties

  • Check the contact properties of both duplicate contacts to ensure they have accurate information.
  • Pay special attention to properties related to marketing preferences or subscription status.

Review Contact Properties

Documentation if details do not match

  • Document information, especially if they differ. 
    • i.e. if properties are different, or lifecycle stage differ in one contact vs the other etc.

Select the Primary Contact and Merge

  • Choose one of the duplicate contacts to be the primary contact. This will be the contact that retains most of the information after the merge.

2024-04-30 09_55_13-Manage Duplicates

When Merging Two Contacts

Review Merged Contact

  • After merging, review the merged contact to ensure all relevant information has been retained.
  • Check that the email addresses are correctly merged and that other contact properties are accurate.
  • The primary email address/profile is first in order.

Primary and Secondary Email Addresses

Set Marketing Property

  • Manually set the marketing property for the merged contact to what you want if it is incorrect.
  • This property indicates whether the contact has opted in to receive marketing communications.
  • You can find this property in the left hand side bar.

Set Marketing Property

Check and Update Subscription Status

  • Manually update the subscription status of the merged contact to reflect their marketing preferences. This may involve adding them to relevant marketing lists or segments.
  • You can do this by going to the bottom of the left hand sidebar in a contact.

Check and Update Communication Subscriptions

  • There will be a list of subscriptions for both the subscribed ones and unsubscribed items.
  • You can chose to unsubscribe from or subscribe manually.