How to set up Log and Track settings through the HubSpot Sales Extension/Add-In

Video process for Chrome/Gmail:


Written process:

  1. With the HubSpot Sales Extension installed either on Chrome, Outlook Desktop or Office 365, you can now edit your log and track settings
  2. Replies to an email message sent from your HubSpot connected email will automatically log to the contact's record in your CRM . This includes one-to-one emails sent from the record in the CRM or using the HubSpot Sales email extension or add-in.
  3. If the email is listed on your Never Log list, it won't be logged.
  4. Find the Log and track settings in your HubSpot extension

    Chrome Extension:

  5. We recommend turning on both Log email and Track email
  6. In both Gmail and Outlook you can choose to change these setting for individual emails you are sending

    Chrome Extension:

    Video process for Outlook/Hotmail: