How to review your HubSpot portal with the HubSpot HealthCheck

Review and Optimise Your HubSpot Portal

We recommend our clients do a complete review of their HubSpot portal to highlight issues, prioritise action items and streamline campaigns.

The HubSpot HealthCheck is ideal for mid-large companies who already have HubSpot in place and have been using it for more than 6 months.

Note: This is not designed for new installs.

Perfect for regular reviews of your portal eg Quarterly or Annually.

Why Organise a HubSpot Review?

If you've been using HubSpot for a while chances are your portal has gotten a little complicated with contacts, emails, lists, workflows, pages, blog posts and numerous other areas.

Who is the HubSpot HealthCheck ideal for?

The HubSpot HealthCheck is ideal for:

  • Mid-large companies
  • Who have been using HubSpot for more than 6 months
  • Who feel that they are not using HubSpot to its full potential

Recommended HubSpot Areas To Review

  • Review any HubSpot tools not being used or not being used effectively:
    • Recommend use cases and roadmap to adoption of tools or suggestions to improve use of tools
    • Depending on your HubSpot Tier and HubSpot Hubs: Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, Operation Hub
  • Review all naming conventions:
    • Lists, emails, forms, workflows, campaigns, files, pages
    • Recommend naming convention improvements
  • Review all settings and options including:
    • Account settings
    • Security settings
    • Permissions settings
    • Object settings (Contacts, Deals, Companies, Activities, Products)
    • Content settings
    • Social settings
    • Integration settings
    • Property settings
    • Email settings
  • Review Sales and Service Pipelines for:
    • Process refinement and areas for automation
  • Review Lists and Filters:
    • Lists being used for instant reporting and segmentation
  • Review Campaigns:
    • Campaigns use naming conventions and are used to group HubSpot assets
  • Review Active Lists for typical database hygiene activities including:
    • Cold contacts (low engagement, bounced, disinterested, legacy customers)
    • High value contacts
    • Target accounts
    • Prospects
  • Review Workflows to:
    • Highlight potential problems (eg workflows with risky entry and re-enrollment criteria)
    • Ensure consistency of naming
    • Check internal notification send lists
    • Check goals are added to workflows where appropriate
    • Check workflows are using Go to action and avoid excessive branching and complexity
  • Review Lead Scoring rules
  • Review Emails to:
    • Highlight old/legacy emails used in workflow automations
    • Freshen email design templates (ensure use of drag and drop)
    • Optimise internal notification emails
    • Understand email health (Unsubscribe rate, Bounce Rate, Open rate and Click rate)
  • Review Forms to:
    • Highlight progressive field functionality where appropriate
    • Recommend conditional fields where appropriate
  • Review Pop-Up Forms:
    • Optimise page targeting
    • Recommend splitting into separate Pop-Up Form offers where appropriate
  • Review CTAs:
    • Check all CTAs and Smart CTAs for accuracy and performance
    • Check multivariate or smart tests are being used
  • Review Page Performance:
    • Optimise web pages and landing pages for optimal results in Google
  • Review Content Strategy terms:
    • At least 5 key topics added to HubSpot SEO tool and content associated with topics
  • Review Reporting Dashboards:
    • Naming
    • Scheduling
    • Usefuleness of reports

What are the Benefits of the HubSpot HealthCheck?

You've been actively using HubSpot for a while now - and things can get overwhelming.

You made a significant investment by choosing HubSpot, make sure your portal is streamlined and optimised.

We recommend performing a HealthCheck so ensure the following:

  • Utilise your HubSpot portal more effectively
  • Highlight issues and assign priority items to fix
  • Reduce errors caused by a lack of processes
  • Optimise workflows and automation to save time and money
  • Achieve better engagement with contacts
  • Improve reporting processes and visibility

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