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How to get started with HubSpot using the HubSpot Ignition

Full Onboarding, Setup and Optimisation of Your New HubSpot Portal

The HubSpot Ignition is a tailored HubSpot onboarding service to help companies accelerate their marketing strategy, HubSpot implementation and HubSpot activity.

You've made a significant investment by choosing HubSpot, make sure you are putting it to optimal use.

Ideal for new HubSpot customers.

HubSpot Ignition Overview

  • Typically allow yourself 3 months for a full HubSpot Ignition
  • Focus on early wins in the first month

Key HubSpot items to review and set up in the Ignition include:

  • Contact settings (views, lists, custom fields)
  • Deal settings (views, pipelines, automation)
  • Content settings (eg domains, email sending settings, colours, types)
  • Report settings (including IP exclusions)
  • Setting up your default forms, smart lists and workflows
  • Preparing default emails and internal notifications
  • Organising landing page and email templates
  • Integrating HubSpot with your site (eg if using WordPress)
  • Adding Google Analytics and Facebook pixels
  • Adding default forms to pages (eg Contact Us)
  • Adding initial keywords and competitor tracking

Suggested Schedule

A suggested approach - but tailor this to your company's priorities.

Month 1: HubSpot Strategy and Quick Wins

  • HubSpot Strategy - sales and marketing priorities
  • HubSpot settings, tracking, contact migration
  • HubSpot integrations
  • Reports and Dashboards

Month 2: HubSpot Campaigns

  • Campaign tool and SEO
  • Landing pages and Popup forms
  • Email marketing
  • Workflows
  • Social channels
  • Ads integration

Month 3: HubSpot Sales

  • Sales pipelines
  • Deals
  • Snippets and Templates
  • Products and Quotes
  • Tasks

HubSpot Ignition Outcomes

  • Fully set up and optimised HubSpot portal
  • Emails, Pages, Forms, Workflows in place
  • Campaigns ready
  • Reporting and Dashboards active
  • Staff trained and informed

Learn more here: https://www.xen.com.au/services/hubspot-ignition