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How to deactivate a HubSpot user and remove the user's paid seats

This is what you do once a user in a HubSpot account you manage does not need to have access to that portal anymore. i.e. they don't work for the company that owns the HubSpot portal anymore

  1. Manage paid users:
    Settings > Users & Teams > Manage paid users
    HubSpot Settings Manage Paid Users
  2. Untick user's paid seat:
    Paid User Settings
  3. Save that
  4. On the same page beside the user, click on 'Actions' and then 'Deactivate user'
    Paid User Settings Example
  5. Deactivate user
    HubSpot Deactivate User Settings
  6. After that, we have to check through each tool to see assets created by him.
    i.e. Lists, filter by creator and check in with the client or whoever is managing their team on what to do with those assets - possibly delete them