How to Create HubSpot Email Signatures

If you do not have an Outlook or Gmail signature already, you can create one with HubSpot Email Generator. This is a free tool by HubSpot

  • Head over to HubSpot Email Generator:
  • Toggle off the ‘Created With HubSpot’ option 
  • It has various templates there, choose the one that you think suits you
  • Once selected, fill in the details in tab 2 - with what you think is necessary
  • In tab 3, you can stylize your signature. Change the theme to match your branding
  • In the last tab, you will get an option to add images. Upload the image in your HubSpot portal, copy the URL, and paste that here
  • Click on Generate signature
  • Copy the source code
  • Go to your HubSpot portal
  • Settings > Email > Edit signature
  • In the HTML section, paste the code
  • This would generate your HubSpot email signature