Guide to HubSpot's Navigation

Navigating HubSpot

HubSpot organises tools based on your business processes. The menu items shown in your account depend on your user permissions and your HubSpot subscription.

Top Navigation Bar

  • Sprocket: Go to your home page.
  • Search: Find anything in your account.
  • Calling: Access the calling tool.
  • Marketplace: Explore HubSpot's app and template marketplaces.
  • Help: Access support resources.
  • Settings: Manage your account settings.
  • Notifications: View user notifications.
  • Account: Access profile, billing, and training.

Side Bar Menu

  • Bookmarks: Save up to five frequently used menu items by clicking the bookmark icon next to them.
  • Workspaces: Organise daily tasks in specific areas like Prospecting and Help Desk.
  • CRM: Access home pages, records, interactions, and payments for contacts, companies, deals, and more.
  • Marketing: Navigate to tools for campaigns, emails, social media, ads, forms, and SMS.
  • Content: Manage web-hosted content like website pages, blogs, and SEO.
  • Commerce: Access tools for quotes, payments, and subscriptions.
  • Automations: Automate actions with workflows, sequences, and surveys.
  • Reporting & Data: Report and manage data with dashboards, reports, and integrations.
  • Library: Access templates, meeting pages, files, documents, and more.
  • Partners: HubSpot Partners can access Directory Info and Resources through the Partner menu.

Reference: A guide to HubSpot's navigation