Content SEO Checklist

SEO checklist for blogs, articles and other content:

  • Define your target keywords - add these to a google doc or a spreadsheet
    • Use Google Search Console to analyse keywords
    • Use a tool like Sanity Check to find related/accidental keywords that could be opportunities
  • Define blog topic ideas to align with business goals or offers - again, you may want to set up a spreadsheet for this. You can further organise this by month and define a focus topic for each month
  • Prepare content brief and send to writers (or write in-house). The brief should include:
    • Target keywords
    • Other relevant blog posts or pages you want to link to from the content (internal linking)
    • CTAs
  • Add your topics/keywords to the HubSpot Content Strategy tool to track as a new cluster (or add to an existing cluster of related keywords)
  • Before publishing from WordPress optimise Title, Meta description and Slug using Yoast SEO or RankMath
  • Add the new blog post url as related content in the HubSpot Content Strategy tool topic cluster


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