Setting up GoDaddy Domain in HubSpot

Process for setting up a GoDaddy-hosted domain in HubSpot

  1. In your HubSpot account, navigate to Settings ⚙️> Website > Domains & URLs
  2. Expand Advanced options and add a brand domain (e.g., 'hubspot' in '').
  3. Connect your primary domain by clicking "Connect a domain", then choose the brand domain you've added.
  4. Set your subdomain, usually 'www', and your top-level domain (TLD) (eg '.com', '')
  5. Click "Authorize with GoDaddy" and log into your GoDaddy account if prompted.
    1. Note: HubSpot will automatically detect if the domain is hosted on GoDaddy, simplifying the process.
  6. Once connected, confirm the setup and ensure the non-www version of your domain redirects to the www version. 
  7. Next, click 'Connect
  8. And you're done - the DNS records will usually propagate within a few minutes