Conducting an On-Page SEO Audit

Conducting an on-page SEO audit is the process of optimising content that search engines and users can see on a website.

The main goal of conducting an on-page/visual audit is to identify quick improvements that will produce the fastest results. 

By practising On-Page SEO, websites will:

  • rank better
  • gain more web traffic
  • get more leads

Key elements to look out for

  1. Logo
    1. Is the logo present in the header or the footer?
    2. Is the logo clearly visible on all main pages?
  2. Mobile Responsiveness
    1. Do any elements overlap?
    2. Is the text readable?
    3. Do the images scale?
    4. Is the layout user-friendly?
  3. Title Tags - Hover on the open tab
    1. Are there relevant keywords?
      1. ex. Brand name, product name
    2. Are there irrelevant keywords?
    3. Is it targeted per location?
  4. Meta Description
    1. Is there a meta-description?
  5. Page Structure
    1. H1 - Only one per page
    2. H2 & H3- For subheadings
    3. H3, H4, H5, Paragraphs - Short and easily readable
  6. General Content
    1. Is it relevant?
    2. Is it informational?
    3. Does it contain keywords?
  7. Internal Linking
    1. Do pages link to external websites/pages? Can they link to internal pages instead?
  8. Header
    1. Links to Main Pages
    2. Main CTA
  9. Footer
    1. Links to Socials
  10. URLs
    1. Are the URLs short and concise?
  11. Images
    1. Image file names are descriptive
    2. Alt text is descriptive and uses keywords
  12. Miscellaneous - Not necessary, but good to have in place.
    1. Link to landing pages
    2. Popup forms
    3. Testimonials
    4. Blogs
    5. Chatbot