Running a commercial solar campaign

How to set up and run a commercial solar campaign playbook


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Who should run the Commercial Solar Campaign?

  • Solar Installers looking to increase commercial solar installations
  • Solar Installers looking to test the commercial solar installation market in their area

Key Campaign Components:

  • Landing Page (6 hours)
  • Thank You Page (2 hour)
  • Optional: Commercial Solar Guide (10 hours)
  • Ad Copy (1 hour)
  • Facebook and Google Ads creative (3 hours)
  • Email Nurture (5 hours)

Example Messaging:

  • Guide to Commercial Solar
  • Everything you need to know about solar for your business
  • Interested in going solar?
  • Does your business need solar?

Expected lead types:

  • Top of funnel leads
    • Business owners 
    • Maybe cold leads
    • Need to be convinced of benefits of solar for their business