Cleaning Up Unengaged Contacts

In general, 2% or less is accepted as a good email bounce rate benchmark.  Follow this process if you sent a regular email and you noticed a bounce rate that is 3% or higher.

  1. Navigate to Contacts>Lists
  2. Create list
  3. Naming convention: Company Name | Bounced Contacts
  4. Choose contact properties from filters


  5. Search 'bounce' and choose 'Email hard bounce reason'

    Note:  Instead of excluding all contacts that bounced, we should only exclude those who hard bounced. Soft bounces is just a temporary problem with the recipient's email address. This doesn't mean they'll bounce again next time.

  6. hard bounce reason is known

  7. Save changes
  8. You can then mark these contacts as non-marketing, and add to an active suppression list which you should exclude from emails moving forward.