Sending a regular email in HubSpot for your solar email marketing

Follow our best practice checklist for sending a regular email in HubSpot

  • Copy: have I followed the campaign/email brief?
  • Grammar and typos: have I checked for typos and grammar errors with Grammarly?
  • Links: have I used the correct links?
  • Images: are the image size below 300KB and has an alt tag?
  • Inline styling: have I removed the unnecessary inline styling from the code editor? eg span and div snippets.
  • Headings hierarchy:  have I use proper headings to provide structure to the email body? (Proper header levels ascend from H1-H6.)
  • Mobile friendly: does the email look good when previewed on mobile?
  • Subject line: is my subject line relevant to the email?
  • Preview text: have I set the preview text?
  • Send-from name and email: have I set the correct send from name and email address?
  • A/B testing: have I turned on A/B testing for the subject line? (If applicable to your HubSpot tier)
  • Exclusion list: have I added a suppression/exclusion list/s on the 'Don't send to' settings?
  • Unengaged contacts: have I unticked/unchecked 'Don't send to unengaged contacts'?
  • Recipients:
    • Clean contacts: have I made sure that these emails are cleaned (eg ran through NeverBounce to make sure there are no bounces, invalids, etc.)
    • Marketing contacts: have I set these recipients to marketing contacts