Four simple best practices for new solar websites

Creating a new website? Make sure you have these best-practice items in place.

1. Forms

Make sure you have appropriate forms on your website asking for the information you need to qualify a lead. 

Top of funnel forms should be easy to fill out and not ask too much of the visitor (name, email).

Bottom of funnel forms can be more details and request more information. Make sure you communicate to the visitor why you are asking for all of the information.

A video accompaniment can be a good idea for bottom of the funnel forms. Record a video of yourself explaining why you need the information you are asking for, and what the visitor can expect after they fill in the form.

Contact Form vs Conversion Forms

We recommend sites have a general 'Contact Us' Form AND a more specific conversion form.

For example, a 'Request a Quote' Form will need different fields to a 'Contact Form'. Each form should serve a specific purpose and not try to do many things at once.

2. Thank You Pages

Your new website must have a generic Thank You page at a minimum.


You should redirect all form submissions to this thank you page (or even better - to specific thank you pages for each conversion type).


  1. It's great for tracking conversions. The Thank You page URL can be added as a conversion in Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn etc so you can track how many people filled in the form and reached the conversion (Thank You) page as a result of your marketing efforts.
  2. It's a much better user experience than just having the form reload and show a thank you message.

3. Lists

To accompany you forms and thank you pages, your new website needs to be backed up by segmentation in the form of Lists. We use HubSpot Lists.

Set up a new Active List for each form submission on your website.

Example: XEN Solar | Contact Us Page | Form Submissions

The list should contain anyone who filled in that form on your website.

4. Workflows

Each of your forms and lists should also be tied to a workflow. We use HubSpot Workflows.

When a contact fills in a form on your website, they will be added to the Active List for that form submission.

You can also trigger a workflow based on their form submission OR list membership.

In this workflow we recommend:

  1. Setting the contact as a marketing contact if not already done via the form settings
  2. Send an internal notification to your sales team
  3. Send a Thank You email to the contact thanking them and letting them know what to expect next (when they will be contacted).