Best practices for managing paid ad fatigue

Monitor your FB ads "Frequency" so as not to show your ads too many times to the same people.

Frequency is defined as the average number of times that each person saw your ad.

To check the frequency of the ads, select Delivery from the Columns drop down:

Ad creative fatigue can occur when your frequency on ads is above the benchmarks below:
    • For a Cold/New Audience: 1.3 - 1 .7 frequency range is good. Keep these ads going if they are giving you conversions. If the frequency goes over 1.8, your audience may be experiencing creative fatigue.
    • For a Retargeting Audience: frequency up to 3 is good. 4+ frequency means your audience is probably experiencing creative fatigue.

The best practice is to revamp ads every 3 months regardless of the frequency.

This means re-creating your:

    • Campaigns
    • Audiences
    • Creative
    • Messaging