Adding XEN to Your Social Media Accounts

Depending on what we’ve requested access to the following steps will help:

1. Facebook page

Please let us know your Facebook page URL and we will request access from our agency Facebook Manager account.

2. Instagram company profile

We’ll need your Instagram username and password.

Social Media Other (Optional)

These are optional, but where appropriate we’ll share Facebook updates through to Twitter and LinkedIn as well

3. Twitter

We’ll need your Twitter username and password

4. LinkedIn Company Page 

Please add as an Admin on your company page

1. On your LinkedIn company page, navigate to Admin tools > Manage admins


2. Click Add admins and type the name of the person, or email, or paste the LinkedIn profile URL.

5. YouTube Channel

Please invite as a Channel Manager in your YouTube account.

6. Buffer Account

We will set up a free Buffer account to handle social channel scheduling.

Please provide the email address you’d like us to use to set up this account (i.e. so you can also have access to the account and so we can hand over in future if needed).