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Adding XEN to Your Advertising Accounts

Depending on what we’ve requested access to the following steps will help:

1. Facebook Business Manager Access

If you already have a Facebook Business Manager account, please let us know your Business ID:

If you don't have a Facebook Business Manager Account, you will need to create one:

2. Facebook Advertising Access

If you have a Facebook Ads Account, please provide us with your Facebook Ad Account ID, and we will request access from our agency account.

How to find your Facebook Ad Account ID.

If you don't have a Facebook Ads Account, we can create one for you. Please ensure you have a Facebook Business Manager (see steps above) and we will create an Ad Account on behalf of your business.

3. LinkedIn Advertising Access

  1. Sign in to Campaign Manager.
  2. Click the correct account name.
  3. Near the top right of the account page, click the Settings icon next to the account name and select Manage access from the dropdown
  4. Click Edit on the top right.
  5. Click Add User to Account.
  6. You can paste in the member's LinkedIn public profile URL (suggested) or type in the name of the member you would like to have added to your ads account.
  7. Choose the Account Manager role for XEN