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Adding XEN to Your Google Accounts

Depending on what we’ve requested access to the following steps will help:

1. Google Analytics

Navigate to Admin in the bottom left-hand corner:


Click on Account Access Management:

Please add Universal Analytics and GA4 access for two accounts – with at least Edit permissions:


2. Google Search Console

(also known as Google Webmaster Tools)
Please add – services@xen.com.au – as a Full User



3. Google Tag Manager

Please add – services@xen.com.au – as an Admin with Publish permissions in your container(s)

Google Tag Manager User Permissions

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager 2

Google Tag Manager 3

4. Google Ads

This unfortunately is a three step process:
i. Could you please let us know your Google Ads Customer ID (it will be up at the top left in Ads)

ii. We’ll then request access from our account – you’ll receive two emails to add us via two accounts: services@xen.com.au and ads@xen.com.au 

iii. Which you can then Approve (from top right menu under cog > Account Settings > Account Access)


5. Google My Business

Google My Business listing: please add services@xen.com.au as a User in your Google My Business account.

Go to https://business.google.com/ and find 'Users' on the left-hand side menu.

Click Add Users.

Add services@xen.com.au as a Manager:


Then click Invite.